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Will bodum espresso maker Ever Rule the World?

I love a great espresso maker. I use an American-made Bodum because I find it the best in price and features. Their machines are reliable and simple to use. The Bodum is a bit more expensive, but worth it.

The Bodum is a two-cup machine that is equipped with a filter. You fill the machine with water and put in one of your favorite beans. That’s it. There is no grinder or anything else to clean up the water. To me, that means it’s that easy to make cappuccinos and latte’s. In fact, I have a bodum that is my go-to machine for my coffee habit.

Bodum machines are a bit of a niche, but I love them. Their espresso maker is also priced as a budget. The Bodum comes with a filter attachment, making the machine very easy to use and clean. As for the design of the machine, I think it is cool and simple. I can imagine seeing the Bodum on a coffee store shelf in the future.

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