Write for us: What is bone china?

Bone china is the English name for porcelain made from the bones of cows, buffalos, goats and pigs. The process for making bone china was developed in Staffordshire, England during the mid-18th century. Bone china is a robust material with many advantages over other types of porcelain.

In bone china, white clay is mixed with powdered bone or shell (usually cow bone) which gives it its whiteness as well as its strength and malleability. To make it durable and long lasting, finely powdered quartz sand is added to this mixture before it goes into molds to harden. The quality of the finished product is also helped by the addition of other elements such as kaolin, feldspar and flint.

Bone china made in England is often confused with porcelain made in other countries, particularly China. This confusion arises because the terminology used to describe bone china is not understood properly by some people.

Over time there has been a change in the proportions of ingredients used and processing methods employed in making porcelain from cow bones. These changes have led to differences in quality between English bone china and porcelain made elsewhere.

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